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Cutting Edge Technology

Leader in LASIK Vision Correction, Cataract and Medical Services

Over the years, Kremer’s experienced and innovative team of doctors has helped Kremer earn the reputation as one of the best LASIK practices in the country. In fact, no one in the area is more experienced than Kremer at LASIK.

Founded in 1980, Kremer Eye Center has been the leader in vision correction for over 35 years. In 1993, Kremer surgeons were the first to perform LASIK in North America. Since that day, Kremer Eye Center has been a practice committed to utilizing the most advanced technologies for all procedures and treatments to achieve the best vision possible for each of our patients.

Kremer Eye Center has helped tens of thousands of patients discover a world without glasses and contacts. In fact, we have performed more LASIK in the Philadelphia region than any other practice. We are the only practice in the region to use the most advanced screening tests for LASIK. This ensures that you are a great candidate for LASIK, and that LASIK is the best procedure for you. When it comes to the LASIK surgery itself, Kremer doctors have always been ahead of the curve. We were the first in the region to offer Custom Wavefront technology, as well as Intralase Bladeless LASIK. Now, we are the first to offer the iFS Bladeless Laser.

LASIK with iFS laser technology is clinically proven to be faster, safer, and more precise than any other laser technology available. That means better outcomes for our patients.

Kremer has also been at the forefront in providing patients with state-of-the-art medical care for cataracts, glaucoma, corneal diseases, dry eyes, eyelid disorders, and a host of other eye conditions. We were the first in the area to perform no-stitch, no injection cataract surgery. In fact, Kremer Eye Center was the first of any specialty practice in the area to set up an Ambulatory Surgery Center to vastly improve the outpatient surgical experience for our patients.