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K9s for Warriors

Kremer Eye Center has officially raised $20,000 for K9 for Warriors.

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Lazer Update: March 23rd

Today was graduation day! Amanda and Lazer received their final awards and certificates. Next Monday, Amanda will be taking Lazer back to work after 3 weeks of training together. They are ready for their next adventure and we can’t wait to see where life takes them!
K9 for Warriors

Lazer Update: March 7, 2017

Lazer is doing fantastic. A new class of warriors just arrived and rumor has it they are testing him out with a warrior in that class! Lazer may pair up with a warrior sooner than we expected!

K9 for Warriors

Lazer Update: February 22, 2017

Lazer is finally in the kennel and in just a few short months Lazer will be paired with his warrior! Here’s an update from his trainer:

“Lazer is a new dog on my string. He seems to be a very sweet dog. Every time I go into his kennel to greet him, his entire butt wags until I leash him up. I have been working on laying the fundamentals of training with him and he is progressing nicely. He tends to lose focus easily and LOVES chasing blowing leaves in the parking lot. I attribute that to him still being so young. He should grow out of these behaviors with more training and maturing.”

Lazer Update: January 26, 2017

Lazer is now 11 months old. He recently spent his first overnight adventure in the kennel to see how he would take to it and in his foster parents words, “he took it like a boss.” Overall, Lazer is nice and calm but can still be a big ball of energy. He gets along well with his foster brother and just loves to play! He does a great job of understanding when something is “wrong” and will alert his foster mom by nudging her. This is a great sign because it will be something he’ll need to do with his Warrior!

K9 for WarriorsK9 for Warriors

Lazer Update: October 20, 2016

Lazer, almost 8 months old now, is a very sweet boy who was rescued from Hollister, FL. Lazer is well mannered, knows all of his commands and loves to play fetch!” In just 4 more months, Lazer will progress from foster care to formal kennel training!

K9 for Warriors

Lazer Update: August 10, 2016

It’s a boy!!! Lazer is now in the K9 For Warriors program. He came in at a young age, so he is not officially in the kennel yet. He is in a puppy foster program for dogs that enter the program under the age of one. Lazer is at a loving home and being looked after by his wonderful foster parents, Gary and Gail. His foster parents are going start taking him to monthly puppy classes and start exposing him to the outside world in the “service dog in training” vests very soon.

K9 for WarriorsHere is an update from Lazer’s foster parents:
“Today is day 8 with Lazer as part of our pack! He is very curious and very happy. He gets scared of things like ladders and ceiling fans, but quickly overcomes his fears. He LOVES his nylabones and is already doing well with his crate training. He sleeps through the night in it. He is almost house broken already, too. He has very few accidents – and when he does, it usually our fault not his. We have already fallen in love with him!”

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