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Partnering With Your Eye Doctor

Kremer Partnerships with Local Optometrists in Our Co-Care Network

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We believe that no one knows your eyes better than your personal eye doctor. For that reason, Kremer has partnered with more than 500 optometrists in the tri-state area (and even more nationwide) to provide “co-care” management of your eye surgery treatment.

For over 35 years, we’ve served as an extension of our affiliated optometrists’ practices. We work with these doctors throughout all phases of your treatment—from pre-operative evaluations through post-operative check-ups. Your eye doctor may perform your testing and care, or refer you to our office at his/her discretion.

By partnering with your personal eye doctor, the doctors at Kremer can better understand your medical history, your eye health and determine what procedure will best fit your needs. Your eye doctor has worked with you for a long period of time and understands every part of your eye. He or she also is well-versed in your eye health and history, which will help Kremer surgeons understand as well in order to produce the best results possible during surgery.

Kremer surgeons are adamant about creating a partnership with your eye doctor from the very beginning of the refractive surgery process. At the start, the Kremer surgeon will work with your doctor to make sure that your prescription is within the range that can be treated and that it is stable with only minimal change. Your eye doctor will be aware of this information from check-ups and eye exams over the years. It’s also important to discuss your eye health to make sure you’re eligible for surgery. Your eye doctor will also be able to share with the surgeon if you’re dealing with any issues such as dry eye that need to be addressed. Our primary goal is to provide you with seamless and consistent high-quality eye care.