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Cataract Testimonials

Read Cataract Surgery Testimonials from our patients at Kremer Eye Center.

kremer eye center king of prussia

Elizabeth S.

Dr. Richman was as sweet as he could be. He explains everything to you from beginning to end and is always ready to answer any questions that you may have. I would highly recommend him to all my family and friends. My surgery went well and my follow up with Dr. Miller was also a pleasant experience. Thank you Kremer Eye Center!

November 2017

greg luzinski lasik eye surgery

Greg “the Bull” Luzinski

Philadelphia Phillies 1970-1980
“Everyone is leery of having someone mess with your eyes. As important as your sight is, it gets to be scary at times but Dr. Aronsky was outstanding. He did a great job and the whole staff that prepared me for LASIK was very good and calming. It still amazes me how fast it went. There’s no question my sight was excellent and improved… until I had cataracts. My wife and myself both had cataract surgery the same time and you have no idea how bright and beautiful the world is until you have your cataracts removed. I can’t believe the clarity I got once it was done all due to the fact that I was at Kremer.”

Larry Izzy Goodenough

Philadelphia Flyers 1974-1977
NHL Hall of Fame

I had no idea how bad my eyes were. It’s not just getting your sight back, it’s a whole new life after Cataract Surgery!!! All the staff that were at Kremer were awesome. They make you feel special. I don’t know how to thank Dr. Pronesti enough! I would recommend this to anyone who needs any procedure on their eyes. Go see Dr. G and his great staff and tell him Izzy sent you. Thanks again Doc!

kremer eye center king of prussia

Tammy M.

I want to Thank Dr. Micheal Aronsky so much, he has changed my life. I have worn glasses since I was 5 years old (now 56) with very bad vision. I had cataract surgery and because I had astigmatism in both my eyes I needed to have special toric lenses put in. And well now I can see 20/20. It is really a miracle! Threw away all my glasses and contacts. Thank you Dr. Aronsky, you are amazing!!!!!!

kremer eye center king of prussia

Jim Di Stefano

“My cataract surgery at Kremer was smooth and painless. The staff was knowledgeable, professional, and the handled everything from eye examinations to insurance issues. Dr. Zacchei was great. He explained all of my options clearly and thoroughly, and answered all of my questions plainly. The procedures were quick and the facility was spotless. It was a life-changing experience. I would highly recommend Kremer to anyone.”

kremer eye center king of prussia

F. R.

“My husband Robert and I had cataracts in both eyes. Knowing full-well how vital our vision was, we did some research and found Dr. George Pronesti. With his credentials and experience with laser surgery, he was unequivocally our choice of surgeon. He adequately explained the procedure to us so that our comfort level before and after the surgery was very assured. We are now enjoying a whole new level of reading, watching television and driving without the need for glasses. We can not thank Dr. Pronesti enough for our new found freedom to enjoy those beautiful faces on our 10 grandchildren. We strongly recommend Kremer Eye Center to all of our family and friends.”

kremer eye center king of prussia


“I had cataracts for years before deciding to have surgery, which meant massive vision loss, bad cloudiness, and color distortion. I never knew my neighbor across the street had a number on his house because I couldn’t differentiate them from the background color, and yet I had 20/20 vision with contact lenses.

My eye doctor recommended Kremer Eye Center, and I was amazed at how the entire staff went out of their way for me. Dr. Pronesti and the staff were all very professional, very friendly, and outgoing. Everything was done to keep me comfortable, relaxed, and informed on the day of surgery.

On the way home after cataract surgery, I remember saying to my husband ‘I could have driven if I had to.’ I had gone from a -8 contact lens in my right eye to 20/20. Most important, colors are much more vibrant now. I am now seeing leaves on a tree that’s a block away. As a nurse, I drive a lot, sometimes 50 or more miles per day going to people’s homes, and the strain on me is so much less now that I can see so clearly.

I would recommend Kremer to everyone for cataract surgery.”

kremer eye center king of prussia

E. W.

When I was diagnosed with cataracts, I went to a doctor in Philadelphia for an exam, and just didn’t feel comfortable with him. Then a cousin sent me to Kremer and she was right, it was a great experience.

I met with Dr. Zacchei, and he immediately recommended a “toric” lens implant to help correct my astigmatism. I had never heard of the lens, so my husband and I did a great deal of research, and we had a lot of questions. I was impressed that Dr. Zacchei called us back at least 3 times, with both of us on the phone with him. I just loved the way he was easy to talk to and very forthcoming.

As it turned out, I got the toric lens, and it’s phenomenal — I’d worn glasses all my life, and now for the first time I don’t have to; it’s amazing.

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