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LASIK & Vision Correction Testimonials

kremer eye center king of prussia

Gretchen Hébert

I would recommend Dr.Aronsky at the KOP to anyone thinking about getting Lasix. My procedure a few years back was seamless and I was so happy with the results. After just seeing Dr. Aronsky today for an enhancement evaluation I was once again pleased with his professional opinion and trusted his recommendation completely. He is also a cool guy with a great bedside manner.

Nazmul Hasan, OD

Optometrist at Walmart Vision Center
As an optometrist, I felt comfortable going to Kremer Eye Center for LASIK especially after seeing how well the results of other patients were. The recovery period for myself was very short. I am now able to enjoy all the activities I used to have trouble doing when I wore glasses such as playing soccer and working out. Today, my vision is 20/20 and I am very satisfied with the results.

January 2018

kremer eye center king of prussia

Carlos B.

I had LASIK surgery at the Kremer eye center in King of Prussia yesterday December 29th, so I’m typing this review a little over 24 hours post surgery. The fact that I’m writing this review this soon is a good sign. Dr. Aronsky along with the surgery room team performed my LASIK surgery. They did an awesome job from explaining to me exactly what to expect pre-surgery, explaining and talking to me during surgery, and Dr Aronsky gave me a thorough follow up post surgery check up the day after my surgery where a eye exam was performed and l now have 20/15 vision. Thank you to the A+ team at Kremer. If you are reading this review and contemplating LASIK, just remember l was once like you contemplating as well and doing a lot of research. I decided to come to Kremer after all my research and I can tell you this is the place you want to go to because the folks at Kremer know what they are doing. The team here get a A+ from me.

December 2017

Sarah Kulich, OD

Kremer Eye Center has always been at the forefront of surgical eye care in the Philadelphia area. I knew that there would be no one else I would trust my eyes to when it came time to pick my LASIK surgeon. In 2011, Dr. Aronsky performed my surgery with great success. I can confidently say that 6 years later, my eyesight has never been better. I continue to be impressed by their surgical outcomes for not only refractive surgery, but also cataract and glaucoma procedures. I know that when I refer a patient to Kremer Eye Center, they will be in good hands.


David Kulich, OD

As an eye care provider myself, I understand the importance of the decision making process that goes into selecting a LASIK surgeon. That’s why I trusted my vision, as well as my patients’ vision, to Kremer Eye Center. The care you receive through each step of the process is the best, and the outcome could not have been better. I would not recommend anyone else before Kremer for your LASIK and other eye care needs like cataract surgery and glaucoma services.

October 2017

Shannon B.

Having 5 kids at home, it is much easier not having to worry about glasses or contacts. Now, when one of them wakes me up in the middle of the night, I can see which one it is!

September 2017

greg luzinski lasik eye surgery

Greg “the Bull” Luzinski

Philadelphia Phillies 1970-1980
“Everyone is leery of having someone mess with your eyes. As important as your sight is, it gets to be scary at times but Dr. Aronsky was outstanding. He did a great job and the whole staff that prepared me for LASIK was very good and calming. It still amazes me how fast it went. There’s no question my sight was excellent and improved… until I had cataracts. My wife and myself both had cataract surgery the same time and you have no idea how bright and beautiful the world is until you have your cataracts removed. I can’t believe the clarity I got once it was done all due to the fact that I was at Kremer.”

kremer eye center king of prussia

Judith Cortes-Gahagan

I had custom LASIK on both eyes in January 2006. What a miracle! I went from wearing glasses at a young age and contacts at age 19 until my eyes couldn’t tolerate them. My phenomenal Optometrist, Dr. Jay Friedman from Vineland, recommended I go to Kremer Eye Center in Cherry Hill. Surgery was about 10 minutes an eye, everything went smoothly. Went home that afternoon to nap and woke up to the miracle of being able to see my digital clock. Eleven years ago, and still great vision. Recommend Kremer to everyone. Thank you Dr. Friedman and Kremer Eye Center!

July 2017

Natalie R.

Certified Ophthalmic Assistant at Bucks-Mont Eye Associates

In January, I made the decision to finally rid myself of the hassle of glasses and contact lenses. My experience at Kremer was great! Everyone was so nice, and the procedure was quick and painless. It is amazing to be able to see the clock and not need glasses! I am so glad I decided to go ahead with LASIK and now get to live my life glasses and contact lens free.

June 2017

Tim T

Being an Optometry student, nearing being an Optometrist, I am frequently asked how is “Lasik”. I have always recommended patients to have it done but never with personal experience as a patient. After observing Dr Pronesti and his staff with pre-op exams, I decided to have Lasik done. I was then recommended PRK instead after Dr Pronesti and his group evaluated my eyes due to irregularities of my cornea. The procedure would take about the same amount of time but with longer recovery time. To my amazement, Dr Pronesti’s timeline on what to expect (visual acuity, pain, discomfort etc) was on the money. For PRK, visual acuity for first two days were 20/40, 20/400 for two days then 20/40 after for about a few days with 20/20 vision within the next few weeks. Currently I am happily better than 20/20 after 2 months post surgery as expected. Pain and discomfort was minimal. I do occasionally feel that my eyes are dry in the morning, but it is very much minimal compared to having to search for my glasses as I wake up.

May 2017

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