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Cataract Surgery


A cataract is an opacity or cloudiness of the lens of the eye that impairs vision by inhibiting light’s ability to pass normally through the eye to focus on the retina.

In most cases, the development of a cataract is generally part of the normal aging process; in fact, it is estimated that two-thirds of adults over 60 years of age have cataracts. Younger people, however, are also susceptible to cataracts, and 15-20% of Kremer’s cataract patients are under age 55. The good news is that cataract surgery usually results in complete vision rehabilitation and can be treated on an outpatient basis!

Symptoms of Cataracts

Do you find it difficult to see or drive at night? Have you noticed your vision decreasing over time? You may be suffering from a cataract. It is important to be aware of common cataract symptoms in order to receive treatment before your cataract begins greatly affecting your lifestyle.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you may be a candidate for cataract eye surgery. Take a quick online self-test to see if you could qualify for this life changing surgery.

When Should Cataracts Be Removed?

The time to remove a cataract is when it interferes with normal vision. New innovative technologies allow us to remove any cataract though cataract surgery if it is affecting a patient’s vision. Symptoms of cataracts can include a gradual decrease in vision over time, problems reading, watching TV, and driving at night. Contrary to popular belief, a cataract does not have to become “ripe” before being removed.  If a cataract is affecting your vision, our cataract specialists can remove it and have you back to your normal routine the next day with clear vision.

Cataract Surgery At Kremer Eye Center

At Kremer Eye Center, our specialists are able to treat cataracts in the least invasive way possible and even address other vision disorders while performing cataract surgery. Additionally, we offer related treatments for secondary cataracts, astigmatism, and near vision, as well as advanced lenses that can eliminate your need for glasses or bifocals after cataract surgery. Schedule your free consultation today!

Listen to WBCB’s radio show about Cataracts, featuring Kremer eye surgeon, Dr. George Pronesti.

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