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Eye Health Resources

Understanding the Eye

Whether you’re undergoing LASIK or scheduling a cataract consultation, patients should have a brief understanding of how their eyes work to ensure they get the best treatment for their specific needs. Learn more about the different parts of the eye, as well as some of the most common eye care terms.

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Educational Guides

At Kremer Eye Center, we’re committed to providing our patients with useful and up-to-date educational information. Written by our leading doctors and surgeons, our eBooks are designed to answer your most common questions about some of our most advanced vision correction options.

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Our blog is a helpful source of detailed information for all patients. From eye care tips and choosing the right vision correction solution to the latest Kremer news updates, patients can find an array of helpful information here.

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Self Tests

If you’re interested in a certain procedure at Kremer, take a self test to determine if it is the best option for you. Take a self test today to find out if you’re a candidate for LASIK eye surgery, dry eye syndrome treatment, or cataract surgery.

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LASIK Savings Calculators

LASIK is a cost-effective solution for many patients. Use our LASIK Savings Calculators to learn how much you can save with your LASIK procedure and how you can use your FSA to make your surgery more affordable.

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Eye Care FAQs

At Kremer Eye Center, we know our patients have many questions about the eye and our services. That’s why we’ve created a detailed FAQs page that answers some of the most common questions regarding LASIK, dry eye, cataracts, and glaucoma.

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