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At Kremer Eye Center, we’re dedicated to providing our patients with as much information about the eye as possible. From procedures that we perform, to conditions that develop, we believe educating our patients will help you understand more and therefore, help you find a solution to your problem.

Below is the list of the most frequently asked questions at Kremer Eye Center, answered by our surgeons.


If you’ve been considering LASIK for a while, it’s crucial that you’re well-informed. Find out all you need to know about LASIK with these frequently asked questions.

Cataracts FAQs

Cataracts develop slowly, so it’s important to be educated about them to identify if you’re experiencing their symptoms. Find out more about cataracts, including causes, symptoms and prevention methods.

Dry Eye FAQs

Dry eye is a condition that occurs due to the lack of moisture in the eye. Find out how more information about this condition, how to know if you have it and what you can do to treat it.

Glaucoma FAQs

Glaucoma is a chronic disease that can affect anyone. Understand more about what this disease is, risk factors, and precautions you can take to reduce your likelihood.

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