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Seminars and Events

At Kremer Eye Center, we’re committed to educating those who are curious about the services we provide and how we can help improve their vision. We’ve been successful in treating patients with many different refractive errors and it’s important to us to make sure everyone gets the treatment that they deserve. This commitment allows us to provide seminars in which we educate individuals on the various procedures that will improve their vision and help them see clearly.

Our free LASIK seminar is hosted by our experienced surgeons and discusses the advanced technology that can drastically improve your vision. The surgeons review the various refractive errors, why they affect your sight and how the various procedures offered at Kremer can correct these errors. The seminar is very interactive, making sure to answer all questions and even hosting one on one conversations. Because the Kremer surgeons host the seminar, you can always be sure you’re getting reliable information.

Since being found in 1980, Kremer Eye Center continues to be the leader in vision correction for over 30 years. Kremer surgeons even became the first to perform LASIK in North America. Since then, Kremer Eye Center has utilized the most advanced technologies for all procedures and treatments in order to provide the best vision possible for each patient. Our surgical team covers almost every specialty in eye care and incorporates the tools that will result in the best possible outcome for each individual patient. Taking the time to deliver quality eye care and provide a comfortable experience for our patients is our priority. It’s important to us at Kremer to celebrate this success and host various events to honor our surgeons and staff.

Learn about new technologies, recent accomplishments of our surgeons, and find dates and details to upcoming events.

Sorry, there are no open seminar registrations at this time.

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