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Self Tests

Although scheduling a consultation and being evaluated by an esteemed Kremer eye doctor is the best way to receive a diagnosis or determine if you’re a candidate for a certain procedure, you can also evaluate your eye health at home.

Each self-test below will ask you a series of questions about yourself and your vision to help Kremer learn more about your unique needs. Keep in mind that these self-tests are not a substitute for a proper medical examination.

LASIK Self Test

Take the LASIK Self Test

LASIK eye surgery is a procedure that alters the cornea so it can properly focus light, allowing you to see images more clearly. There are several different types of LASIK surgery available at Kremer Eye Center.

We look forward to determining your candidacy for laser vision correction. By completing this questionnaire, we will better understand if you are a candidate for LASIK or one of our other custom vision correction procedures.

Dry Eye Syndrome Self Test

Take the Dry Eye Treatment Self Test

Dry Eye is a medical condition that affects tear production and the quality of your tears. This self-test can indicate whether Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment may benefit you.

IPL is a revolutionary treatment that uses bursts of light directed at the lower eyelids, cheek and from ear-to-ear to jumpstart tear production. The patient’s blood vessels absorb the light and heat, causing glands to open and allowing doctors to express the clogged secretions.

Cataracts Self Test

Take the Cataract Surgery Self Test

A cataract is a painless deposit of protein on the eye that develops in each eye individually. These protein deposits cause the patient to see images as cloudy or blurry.

Cataracts can be caused by many different factors but are typically the result of aging. Other causes include trauma and diabetes. Symptoms of cataracts are hard to interpret but can include increased nearsightedness, seeing halos around lights in the dark and difficulty identifying colors.