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What to Expect on the Day of LASIK


Please arrange for transportation on the day of your LASIK surgery. Although the surgery itself only takes a brief amount of time, you will be at the surgery center for three to four hours to allow time for preparation and recovery.

During LASIK Surgery

A mild sedative and anesthetic eye drops are administered before surgery, and the area surrounding your eyes will be thoroughly cleaned with antiseptic solution. You will be fully conscious, yet relaxed, throughout the procedure. Surgery takes approximately 15 minutes. Afterwards, your surgeon will examine your eyes and explain post-op instructions.

After Your LASIK Procedure

Your eyes will be covered with protective goggles for 6 hours and you will be asked to keep your eyes closed as much as possible during this time. These goggles allow you to see while protecting against foreign objects entering your eyes. Your eyes may feel scratchy and may tear up for a few hours after surgery.

Most patients are able to return to normal activities the day after LASIK, but vision will improve for months after surgery. Also, the majority of patients are able to drive 24 hours after the surgery.

For the first week after LASIK surgery, you’ll wear the goggles at night to make sure you don’t accidentally rub your eyes while you sleep. You’ll take eye drops for one week after surgery. One prescription is an antibiotic and the other controls inflammation.

Post-operative exams will be scheduled at a convenient Kremer Eye Center location or with your regular eye doctor. We recommend an initial, one week, one month, three month, six month, and one year follow-up visit.

How soon can I go back to work and other activities after LASIK eye surgery?

The majority of patients can resume their normal work or other activities within a day or 2, however, be very careful not to rub your eyes at all and be careful when using a computer. No eye makeup is permitted for 2 weeks after LASIK surgery. No swimming is permitted for 2 weeks after LASIK surgery, and then swimming goggles must be worn for 2 more weeks before resuming normal swimming routines.

Learn more about Life after LASIK here.

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