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0% APR for 24 Months

Kremer Eye Center provides a variety of financing options for LASIK, including a 0% APR special financing for 24 months. Candidates that qualify for this offer will pay no interest if the entire purchase amount is paid in full within 24 months. After this period, standard APR rates will apply.

Payment for Medical Services

Glaucoma, cataracts, corneal transplants, and some ophthalmic plastic surgery treatments are considered medical procedures and are usually covered by your health insurance. Kremer Eye Center participates with most health insurance providers.

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Kremer Eye Center is not only dedicated to improving your vision, but we are also committed to making the financing processes as easy as possible. That is why we are proud to offer a variety of finance options to make LASIK and other vision corrections procedures affordable and accessible to everyone.

You can apply for financing through one of our trusted partners. Patients can also pay through credit cards and certified checks.

If you have any further questions about financing, VSP insurance, FSA or HSA, contact us online or call Kremer Eye Center at 1-800-694-3937 for more information.


Apply for Financing

Kremer Eye Center accepts credit cards, certified checks, and financing. We cannot accept personal checks or cash for payment. For your convenience, we have built a relationship with more than one financing company to help you reach a payment arrangement that works for you.

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Flexible Spending Accounts

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) can make LASIK at Kremer Eye Center more affordable, as well. With an FSA, you can set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible health care expenses, including LASIK. The maximum amount that can be saved for an FSA is $2,500, and surgery must be completed in the same calendar year. Do you have a Flexible Savings Account (FSA) at work? Use Kremer’s simple FSA Savings Calculator to find out how much you can save by using your FSA to pay for LASIK.

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VSP Insurance

Kremer Eye Center offers patients with VSP Vision Memberships discounts for LASIK procedures in our King of Prussia, Cherry Hill, and Wilmington locations. Learn more about the benefits offered to VSP Vision members here.

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Health Savings Account

If you have a high-deductible health plan (HDHP), you can use a health savings account (HSA) to pay for LASIK. An HSA is tax-exempt trust of custodial account that provides a way for you to save money for medical expenses like LASIK and other vision correction surgeries.

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Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery

Is LASIK Affordable? At Kremer, our goal is to make LASIK affordable for you. We offer a number of ways to put laser vision correction within reach of your budget. Learn more about the cost of LASIK eye surgery at Kremer Eye Center in PA, NJ & DE.

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