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From Docs to Patients: Doctors’ Experiences with Corrective Eye Surgery

June 14, 2018

Corrective eye surgery is a great solution for anyone in any profession who is tired of depending on contact lenses and glasses to see clearly. In fact, even eye doctors have trusted their eyes to the surgeons at Kremer.

In this Q&A interview, we sit down with three of our local affiliate eye doctors to discuss how their vision correction procedures at Kremer Eye Center helped them get rid of their contact lenses and glasses for good, as well as how it improved their lives.

Check out what they had to say about their experiences below.

Which vision correction surgery did you get, and why did you decide to correct your eyesight?

Nicole Pellegrino, ODNicole Pellegrino, OD

Nicole Pellegrino, OD (NP): As a busy working mom who’s active, I was tired of dealing with glasses and contacts, so I decided to get LASIK in October 2009.

Jonathan Andrews, OD (JA): I got PRK surgery when I was 25 when my eyes were stable enough to undergo the surgery. I decided to do it when a bad bout of viral conjunctivitis caused complications with my contact lenses. After that, I realized that the investment in my vision would benefit me for years to come.

Serena Cohen, OD (SC): I got Visian ICL in both eyes at Kremer Eye Center in November 2015. Before my surgery, my eyes were getting too dry to comfortably wear contact lenses for more than four hours at a time. Visian ICL was able to correct my vision, so I wouldn’t need contacts or reading glasses.

How would you describe your overall experience during your surgery?

NC: My experience during my LASIK procedure was phenomenal, from beginning to end. The staff and doctors at Kremer are informative and personable. They are all amazing.

JA: The day of my PRK surgery went really smoothly. I arrived at the office and was greeted with an upbeat receptionist, filled out some last-minute forms, and then proceeded for final measurements for pre-surgical calculations. I was then politely escorted to the surgical suite where I listened to a nice playlist crafted by Dr. Pronesti and Dr. Aronsky. The surgery lasted no more than three to five minutes, and I was sent home for a comfortable recovery.

SC: Dr. Aronsky was a calming presence the entire time during my Visian ICL procedure. I was sleepy from the sedative, but I do remember feeling confident in the skills of the surgeon and his team.

How has your surgery changed your day-to-day life, and what are some things you can do now that you couldn’t do before?

Jonathan Andrews, ODJonathan Andrews, OD

NP: Contacts always irritated my eyes due to my allergies, and glasses were always a hindrance for me. Since LASIK, I get up in the morning without worrying about looking for glasses or putting my contacts in. I can just get right to my day, either working or running around with my daughters.

JA: I got high-definition vision from my custom, Wavefront-guided refractive surgery after my procedure, and it’s improved all aspects of my life. In clinical care, it helped me to see what I need to during my examinations without the need for glasses or contact lenses. In my personal life, I can enjoy wearing high-quality, non-prescription sunglasses while outdoors.

SC: In a single word: freedom. I can get out of bed, go downstairs, and make coffee without dealing with contacts or glasses. Showering has also been a whole new experience since I got Visian ICL. Now, I can shave my legs without switching to the tub. And if I see a black speck on my shower floor, I don’t have to put my face too close to it to see if it’s a bug or hair. Early morning runs are also nicer because I no longer have to put contacts in at 6 AM.

As a doctor, what advice would give your patients who are thinking about getting their vision corrected?

NP: As a doctor, my advice to anyone would be to go for a consultation. Everyone at Kremer will ease your concerns, and the surgery can be life-changing.

JA: When my patients ask me if refractive surgery is an option for them, I try my best to inform them of the overall experience. If someone is a good candidate, I encourage them to take the next step and schedule a consultation. Also, I like to mention that my current vision from refractive surgery five years out is just as good as it was one year out!

SC: If you’re thinking about correcting your vision, you can’t compare the price of glasses and contacts to the cost of corrective eye surgery—they are completely different things. No matter how much you spend on glasses and contacts, they’ll never give you the freedom and complete lifestyle change that surgery does.

As a patient, what piece of advice would you give others who are undergoing LASIK or any other corrective eye surgery?

Serena Cohen, ODSerena Cohen, OD

NP: As a patient, I would say that laser eye surgery is so easy, and there is no downtime. In fact, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get it.

JA: If a friend or peer asks about refractive surgery, I tell them not to be afraid. I would say the number one fear is that people are scared to lay down and let a surgeon use a laser to correct and enhance their vision. However, this technology is nearly fool-proof and has proven excellent clinical results time and time again.

SC: If you’re thinking about correcting your eyesight, it’s OK to be nervous going in—all the patients in the prep room with you are nervous, too! Fortunately, the nurses and staff are well aware of this, and will make every effort to keep you comfortable while you are waiting. With everyone, from the nurses to the surgeons, you will be fine going into the OR.

Would you recommend a vision correction procedure at Kremer? Why?

NP: Absolutely! Everyone at Kremer is top-notch! Your vision and your eyes are too important to go anywhere but the best. That’s why I trusted mine to the best.

JA: I highly recommend Kremer Eye Center for my patients’ surgical vision correction needs. They’re efficient with patient scheduling, excellent with the continuation of care between offices and the referral of patients, and they’ve been pioneering refractive procedures throughout their tenure.

SC: Yes! The combination of skilled, experienced, and kind surgeons, plus a caring and knowledgeable staff makes Kremer stand out as one of the best corrective eye surgery facilities in the area.

From LASIK, Visian ICL, PRK, and everything in between, Kremer Eye Center can provide the solutions you need to improve your vision and enhance your overall quality of life. For more information about our state-of-the-art procedures and which is best for you, contact us or schedule a consultation today.