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Kremer Cares Teams Up with The Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation

April 17, 2018

Here at Kremer Eye Center, we are always proud to give back to the community and help those in need. That’s why we created Kremer Cares, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Through Kremer Cares, our team has been able to support and team up with many charities in the area. One of the charities we are proud to support is the Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation.

During the holiday season, Kremer Cares and the AO1 Foundation helped to raise $20,000 to support Canine Partners for Life, an organization that provides service dogs to those with disabilities.

Read on to learn more about Kremer Cares, the AO1 Foundation, and how our teams worked together to help make a difference.

Kremer Cares & the AO1 Foundation

The AO1 Foundation is a charitable organization founded by Philadelphia quarterback, Carson Wentz. Launched in 2017, their mission is to demonstrate the love of God by providing opportunities and support for the less fortunate and those in need.

After Wentz underwent a PRK procedure to correct vision, he mentioned the launch of his nonprofit organization to Kremer’s Dr. Michael Aronsky during one of his post-operative appointments. That quick discussion created an opportunity for the AO1 Foundation to team up with Kremer Cares to help give back to those in need within the community.

During the holiday season of 2017, Kremer Cares and the AO1 Foundation partnered to raise funds for charities. Together, they were able to help Canine Partners for Life, an organization that places service and companion dogs with those suffering from disabilities such as ALS, cardiac condition, and Parkinson’s disease.

“I am extremely thankful that Kremer Eye Center chose the AO1 Foundation to partner with over the holiday season,” said Wentz. “We were able to raise $20,000 which will go directly towards helping Canine Partners for Life (CPL) reach more individuals with physical, developmental, and cognitive disabilities.”

CPL Board President Janie Cramer also mentioned how much the efforts of those involved would help them achieve their mission: to help young people in the Philadelphia area get the service dog they need to become more independent.

“CPL dogs truly change lives by providing physical support and giving individuals with disabilities the confidence they need to fulfill their dreams. The support from Carson, the AO1 Foundation, and Kremer Cares will benefit young individuals seeking a service dog partnership and who live in the Philadelphia area in the next year,” she said.

Learn More about Kremer Cares

The Kremer team is proud to team up with local charities to help give back to the community.

“We were thrilled to partner with the Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation and Canine Partners for Life,” said Dr. Aronsky. “The opportunity to improve people’s lives through a shared vision is why Kremer Cares exists.”

For more information about Kremer Cares and how we work to give back to local communities, contact Kremer Eye Center today.