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LASIK – Laser Eye Surgery & Vision Correction


: 100% Personalized LASIK Powered by iDesign, Wavefront, and iFS Bladeless Technology

iLASIK Exclusively at Kremer Eye Center

The first LASIK procedure in North America was performed at Kremer Eye Center in 1993. LASIK can correct most degrees of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. There are a variety of ways LASIK can be performed, however at Kremer we exclusively perform iLASIK, the most advanced custom bladeless LASIK solution available using iDESIGN, WaveFront, and iFS IntraLase technologies.

We chose this most advanced technology because we believe it delivers the best results, based on our surgeons’ experience, as well as extensive NASA and military studies.

Key Features of iLASIK:

  • 100% all-laser.
  • 100% personalized just for you.
  • iDESIGN and Wavefront technologies makes it possible for us to treat more people than ever before.
  • Whether you’re nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism, you can achieve better vision with Kremer’s iLASIK procedure.


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How iLASIK Works


    Step 1: Creating Your Eye Map

    The iDESIGN’s three-second scan produces a 3D image, an accurate “blueprint” of your eye, detailing the entire visual pathway and how it processes light. The iDESiGN measures and captures imperfections not detected in conventional technology.


    Step 2: Preparing Your Eye

    Using the iFS Advanced Bladeless laser, Kremer Surgeons create a micro-thin LASIK flap in seconds. The iFS results in the strongest, most secure LASIK flap possible, which is personalized for every patient to an exact diameter, depth, hinge location and shape. Flap creation using our iFS Advanced Bladeless laser technology is clinically proven to make LASIK faster, safer, and more precise than any other laser technology available.


    Step 3: Delivering Your Personalized iLASIK Treatment

    Next, a second, ultra-precise, cool-beam laser is used to apply the Advanced CustomVue Treatment, guided by the digital information from your iDESIGN WaveScan, to reshape the cornea to the desired curvature.

    We use Iris Registration, an eye scanning technology that allows the Advanced CustomVue to accurately track your eye and deliver your custom treatment.

    After your custom treatment, your surgeon will reposition the LASIK flap, and your iLASIK procedure is complete. Most people sit up and immediately notice dramatically better vision.

  • 4 Year Financing / 0% / $99/mo.

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