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Lasik Affordability Calculator

Use our LASIK Affordability Calculator to compare the cost vs contacts and glasses.

Rather than spending $12,000 to $18,000 for contacts and glasses over the course of your lifetime, you can invest in a one-time LASIK procedure, which includes all pre-surgery evaluations, post-surgery follow-up exams, and comes with our Lifetime Commitment!

How Much Do I Spend on Glasses/Contact Lenses Each Year?

$50.00 USD
$200.00 USD
$15.00 USD
$150.00 USD
$200.00 USD

So, If I Am A Candidate, Can I Afford to Have LASIK Surgery?

$2400.00 USD
Reputiable LASIK Surgeons keep in contact with their LASIK patients. At about age 50, every person experiences a hardening of their "interior lens" regardless of having LASIK or not. When this occurs "Presbyopia", or "Old-Sightedness", is why every person including those who have never worn glasses/contacts until about age 50, will need "Reading Glassess". Your LASIK did not "wear-off"! You, along with 50 year olds across the globe, have simply reached your next normal, and naturally ocurring, phase of Ocular Growth - "Presbyopia". Your LASIK Surgeon will be happy to discuss treatment options for "Presbyopia" based on your lifestyle between ages 50 and 90.
$ USD Costs Savings is Calculated Using Your Annual Amount Spent on Glasses/Contacts (as provided above) and Adjusts for the Cost of LASIK Surgery You Select and Incoporates one Eye Exam Check Every 2 Years until Age 50 or About the Time You Will Require Treatment of Your "Presbyopia".


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