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2018 Life is Better Photo Contest Winners

October 4, 2018

Correcting your vision can improve your life in countless ways. Not only will you be able to see clearly without the need for contact lenses and glasses, but it can also make everyday tasks at home and work easier and even more enjoyable.

To help you see just how much clear eyesight from LASIK and other vision correction procedures can benefit your life, Kremer Eye Center’s held the Life is Better Vision Correction Alumni Photo Contest once again for 2018.

Running from July to September, former patients shared their stories of how their lives have changed since undergoing their vision correction procedure at Kremer. This year, we received over 100 photos and entries on our Facebook page, and the top three entries that gathered the most likes were declared our winners.

Learn more about our top three contest winners below and how getting their vision corrected at Kremer Eye Center changed their lives.

Life is Better Vision Correction Alumni Photo Contest Winners

First Place Winner Jacqueline1st Place Winner: Jacqueline

Glasses and contact lenses had been a part of Jacqueline’s life since she was a child. After years of thick glasses hindering her ability to play sports and be active, and thick contacts causing dry and itchy eyes, she decided to get Visian ICL at Kremer Eye Center.

“To say that it has changed my life would be an understatement,” she said. “I used to see the world through an old, dull television and now my world is in HD.”

Not only has Jacqueline been able to see perfectly clear since her Visian ICL procedure, but her 20/20 vision has also allowed her to explore more fields as she heads to medical school in the near future.

“My poor vision had previously required me to rule out certain medical specialties, but thanks to Dr. Aronsky at Kremer Eye Center, the possibilities are endless, and my future can be clearer and crisper than ever.”

Second Place Winner Maria2nd Place Winner: Maria

Maria is an active equestrian competitor who is no stranger to dealing with contact lenses and glasses. However, since having her vision corrected at Kremer, riding her horse around a course and completing everyday tasks has been simpler.

“It is still mind-blowing that I wake up and can peek at my alarm clock and see it clearly before getting out of bed, [and that] I can fall asleep watching a movie and hop right in bed with no bathroom trip in between. [Also], it is still mind-blowing that I do not have to worry about a contact flying out of my eye when galloping my horse on the cross-country course,” she said.

“Kremer changed my life for the better, and for that, I will forever be thankful.”

Third Place Winner Stephanie3rd Place Winner: Stephanie

Stephanie’s PRK procedure in August 2017 only took a few minutes, but it provided her with the long-lasting results she needed to improve her quality of life.

“My corrected eyesight has allowed me to work quicker and more efficiently in my role as a speech-language pathologist,” she said.

Her improved eyesight has made her vacations even more enjoyable as she set off to see the world over the summer. From seeing 20/20 from the top of the Eiffel Tower, to climbing the Swiss Alps and seeing every vibrant color of the scenery, her incredible adventures were only made better with her corrected vision.

“You could say getting PRK from Kremer has me feeling like ‘I’m on top of the world.’ Thanks, Kremer Eye Center!”


Kremer Eye Center is proud to help those of all professions and walks of life get the clear vision they need to improve their overall quality of life.

For more information about how LASIK, Visian ICL, PRK, and our other vision correction solutions can enhance your life, check out last year’s contest winners and schedule a consultation at Kremer today.