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Our surgical centers are located in King of Prussia, PA (near Philadelphia); Cherry Hill, NJ; and Wilmington, DE.

For your convenience, the initial consultation, full evaluation, and follow-up care can also be performed at other Kremer satellite offices in the Philadelphia region and suburbs or at your affiliated optometrist’s office. For patients traveling from farther away, we are affiliated with more than 500 optometrists in the tri-state area (and even more on a national level) who can provide pre- and post-operative care.

      Here at Kremer Eye Center, we do our best to provide our outstanding services to all patients in the Delaware Valley. That is why we’re proud to offer a number of surgical centers, satellite offices, and affiliate satellite offices throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

      To learn more about our services and how our offices can help correct and improve your vision, here are the services you can find at each Kremer Eye Center location.

      Kremer Eye Center Surgical Centers

      If you’re interested in getting LASIK, PRK, or any other vision correction procedure, visit one of Kremer’s three surgical centers.

      Each one uses state-of-the-art technologies and techniques to perform the treatments and pre- and post-operative services you need for quality, long-lasting results. Plus, our surgical centers are home to a team of experienced surgeons, who will work with you to get the precise eyesight you need.

      Here are the services and doctors you can find at Kremer Eye Center’s surgical centers in King of Prussia, Cherry Hill, and Wilmington.

      King of Prussia PA Surgical Center

      Kremer Eye Center in King of Prussia, PA, offers a variety of services and treatments that can not only improve your vision, but your overall eye health, as well. These include:

      • iLASIK, PRK & refractive procedures
      • Visian ICL
      • Cataract surgery
      • Glaucoma treatments
      • IPL dry eye therapy
      • Oculoplastic surgery
      • Corneal treatments and transplants


      King of Prussia Surgeons

      • Michael A. Aronsky, M.D
      • George R. Pronesti, M.D.
      • Anthony C. Zacchei, M.D.
      • Jurij Bilyk, M.D
      • Aaron Cohn, MD


      Cherry Hill NJ Surgical Center

      At Kremer Eye Center in Cherry Hill, NJ, you’ll have access to the following vision correction and eye health services:

      • iLASIK, PRK & refractive procedures
      • Cataract office procedures
      • Glaucoma treatments
      • IPL dry eye treatment
      • Oculoplastic office procedures
      • Corneal treatments

      Cataract, glaucoma, IPL, and oculoplastic surgeries are performed at another advanced facility in Cherry Hill, NJ.

      Cherry Hill Surgeons

      • Jesse Richman, M.D.
      • Carol J. Hoffman, M.D.
      • Michael A. Aronsky, M.D
      • Debra Malley, M.D.
      • Ann Murchison, M.D
      • Aaron Cohn, MD


      Wilmington DE Surgical Center

      Kremer Eye Center in Wilmington, DE, provides advanced vision correction procedures and treatments to help everyone in the area see as clearly as possible. Here are the services you can find in this location:

      • iLASIK & PRK
      • Cataract office procedures
      • Glaucoma treatments
      • IPL dry eye treatment
      • Corneal treatments


      Cataract, glaucoma, and IPL surgeries are performed at another advanced facility in Wilmington, DE.

      Wilmington Surgeons

      • Carol J. Hoffman, M.D.
      • Jesse Richman, M.D.

      Satellite & Affiliate Satellite Offices

      In addition to three surgical centers, Kremer Eye Center features a number of satellite offices around the Greater Philadelphia area.

      Patients can schedule appointments at these locations for the initial consultation and full evaluation to determine which vision correction procedure at Kremer is best for their specific needs. After the surgery, post-operative care can be performed at these offices, too

      Like our surgical centers, our satellite offices feature our team of renowned surgeons and optometrists, who will work with you to help you get the best results possible.

      Locations for Kremer’s Satellite offices include:

      • Philadelphia, PA (Center City)
      • Horsham, PA
      • Limerick, PA
      • Springfield, PA

      Furthermore, Kremer Eye Center is affiliated with many optometrists and offices in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey for pre- and post-operative care. For more details about our affiliated doctors, find a doctor near you.

      Each Kremer Eye Center location has the experienced team and services needed to ensure the health of your eyes and improve your vision. If you’re interested in learning more about our locations, doctors, and services, schedule a consultation today.