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Meet the Management Team Angela Gifford

Wilmington Center Manager

1. Years with Kremer (& different roles if applicable)

I have been with Kremer since 2012.

2. Favorite part about working here?

My favorite part is seeing patients right after they have LASIK or cataract surgery and how happy they are with their new vision.

3. Had Vision Correction? What/When. What impact did that have on your life?

I’ve never had vision correction. I’m very lucky I don’t need glasses, except now that I’m older I wear readers when I do small handwork and sewing.

4. Volunteer work outside of Kremer? Outside interest, organizations you support?

My interests are quilting, antique shopping, and walking my dog. My husband and I support NPR (National Public Radio).

5. Best advice you were ever given.

Always seek to understand the other person.  People react to things according to their experiences and environment so understanding these things helps you to communicate much better.