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Meet the Management Team Kristie Graber

King of Prussia Center Manager

1. Years with Kremer (& different roles if applicable)

I have been with Kremer since 2004. I started out at the front desk, then became a technician, then I managed the Delaware office, and finally I returned to manage the King Of Prussia office.

2. Favorite part about working here?

I love the challenge and problem solving that each day brings, but most of all I love the great group of people that I work with. They make it fun and interesting each and every single day.

3. Had Vision Correction? What/When. What impact did that have on your life?

I had LASIK in 2005 with Dr. Aronsky. Before LASIK I struggled with driving and night, being unable to see the road signs. After surgery driving became much easier at night and that made me a lot less anxious!

4. Volunteer work outside of Kremer? Outside interest, organizations you support?

Currently not active in any outside organizations. Most of my down time is spent with my family and friends.

5. Best advice you were ever given.

Never speak from a place of hate, anger, insecurity or without all the facts. Also, that I should always evaluate my words before I say them, and that sometimes it’s best to be quiet.