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Meet the Management Team Maria Reyes

Director of Operations and Founding Board Member of

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1. Years with Kremer (& different roles if applicable)

I have been with Kremer since 1989. I started as a patient consultant, and then became a laser operator, an office manager, and finally the Director of Operations.

2. Favorite part about working here?

There are so many reasons why I enjoy working at Kremer Eye Center – my work family, Kremer culture, and making patients feel comfortable with such a big decision. It is easy to love what you do when you believe not only in the procedure but in your team.

3. Had Vision Correction? What/When. What impact did that have on your life?

I had LASIK on 12/15/1999! The day my life changed forever. It is a feeling you never forget when you can wake up and see clearly without needing glasses or contacts. No more falling asleep with contacts in or waking up with my eyes in pain. No more walking out in the rain and getting rain drops on my glasses or waking in from the cold and having my glasses fogging up. Freedom is truly priceless!!!

4. Volunteer work outside of Kremer? Outside interest, organizations you support?

I volunteer at Cradles to Crayons and my church. I love spending time with my family and going to my kids soccer, basketball, and baseball games. I enjoy having friends and family gatherings, going to the movies, reading and comedy! I love to laugh!!!

5. Best advice you were ever given.

Always be grateful and find good in everyone!