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Meet the Management Team Stephanie Ramos

Cherry Hill Center Manager

1. Years with Kremer (& different roles if applicable)

I have been with Kremer since 2006. I started as a technician in the office and laser suite. I then learned to schedule and finally ended up managing the center.

2. Favorite part about working here?

Learning new things each day and helping people.

3. Had Vision Correction? What/When. What impact did that have on your life?

I had LASIK with Dr. Hoffman. I love how the activities in my life are enhanced when you don’t need to worry about glasses sliding down your face or contacts drying out.

4. Volunteer work outside of Kremer? Outside interest, organizations you support?

My outside interests consist of my family events and activities, such as my daughters travel soccer schedule, and physical activities, such as obstacle course races. I support organizations such as Susan B Komen, Multiple Sclerosis and JDR.

5. Best advice you were ever given.

Do what you love and love what you do!