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Yesterday at the Cherry Hill office I had a Collagen Cross Linking (CXL) procedure done on my right eye by Dr. Hoffman. I was impressed at my consult, the day of the procedure, and today at the first follow up how friendly and professional everyone was. Every thing was explained to me before any tests were done and as the procedure was preformed. The staff and Dr. were patient and took the time answer all my questions. Overall it was a great experience!

Jocelyn J.

I’d had keratoconus in both eyes for about 15–20 years. I couldn’t wear glasses, contacts could only correct me to 20/40, and my eyes continued to get worse. The keratoconus affected my every day life; the special contacts were hard to keep in, so my husband did most of the driving and I had to stop playing softball.

I had looked into having a cornea transplant several years before at a practice in Philadelphia, but I didn’t feel comfortable with the surgeon. He made me feel like just another number. My eye doctor suggested I wait until it got worse. Finally, he told me my eyes couldn’t be fit for lenses anymore…I was slowly going blind.

I went to Kremer to see if I could have LASIK, but unfortunately I wasn’t a candidate, and Dr. Aronsky confirmed that I needed a cornea transplant. I felt comfortable with Dr. Aronsky from the beginning. He acknowledges you as a person and takes a genuine interest in every case.

I had my first cornea transplant in 1998 and the other in 1999. The Operating Room staff treated me like a queen and I was impressed by the work ethic and professionalism of the nurses. My advice for anyone considering a cornea transplant would be to do some research and choose a surgeon and facility you can trust. I would definitely recommend Kremer and Dr. Aronsky.

A. S.

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