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Since having LASIK eye surgery I am now free of the daily annoyance of glasses. No more switching between my regular glasses and sunglasses, and no more wiping away debris, fog, or water. My vision since LASIK has been perfect and I can’t thank Kremer and Dr. Malley enough for their highly talented staff and thorough explanations that were provided. The process was seamless and I cannot recommend Kremer enough.
– Tim

My fiancé has long been discussing the option of Lasik eye surgery. As soon as I knew he was serious, there was only one place I would send him to. Kremer Eye Center consistently delivers unparalleled results and it was no different for Tim. His vision is now 20/10 and we can’t wait for the wedding!
– Dr. Ada Noh

Tim & Dr Ada Noh
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The decision to have vision correction performed was not one I took lightly. I started the process at another local vision correction facility and made it almost to the surgery date, but got an uneasy feeling after never actually meeting with the surgeon who would be performing the procedure. I cancelled the surgery date and rethought going through with it. I decided to giver Kremer and Dr. Aronsky a chance after again deciding that vision correction was something I wanted. I have thin corneas and am on the border of not even being eligible for PRK. The staff at Kremer made me feel at ease about the condition of my eyes and were honest about the risks of PRK with my vision. I was able to meet with Dr. Aronsky prior to the procedure and after reviewing my medical information, he was adamant that my vision could be corrected to 20/20 or better and he was true to his word.

I am almost 2 years post-op and I could not be happier with my results. The recovery for PRK was brutal, but I was fully informed about the pain and was able to manage it. I have some residual nighttime dryness, but it pales in comparison to being able to see perfectly each and every day. Dr. Aronsky and his staff at Kremer were informative, caring, and knowledgeable about the procedure, the risks, and the recovery. I highly recommend this location and Dr. Aronsky for any vision correction procedure. Thank you so much for freeing me from my glasses!!!!!

Erica P.
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Visian ICL

My life has gotten much easier since I underwent a Visian ICL procedure with Dr. Aronsky at Kremer Eye Center. As a lifelong high myope, the convenience of not having to reach for glasses or mess with contacts when I wake up, go skiing, hit the gym or do anything else is incredible. In fact, my only criticism is that Dr. Aronsky didn’t force me to do this years ago!

Although I previously was very comfortable sending patients to Kremer and interacting with Judi, I have now seen things from another perspective. My confidence has been re-upped. When I talk to patients in the exam room I go into more detail about the process. Patients can tell that I’m not just sending them to a place I know nothing about and that makes a positive difference. I truly enjoyed the experience. I am enjoying the results. And I enjoy the worry-free satisfaction I get co-managing with Kremer Eye Center.

Sukumar Pandit, O.D.
Kremer Visian ICL Alumni 2018
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Refractive Lens Exchange

I came to Kremer for a consultation for LASIK vision correction. I knew I had a fairly large astigmatism and that it may not be an option for me. I soon found that to be true. I asked Dr. Aronsky if there were any other options. He showed me information on lens replacement. Initially, I was scared off by both the procedure and additional cost. More importantly, he patiently went through all of my questions and concerns – knowing that I would probably not return.

After I left, I was contacted by another eye center in Reading, PA and I advised them that I had been told I was not a candidate for LASIK. They asked who I had seen. I told them Dr. Aronsky. Their response was, “well, if Aronsky said you can’t get LASIK done, it is settled, he is the best.” In any case, I did some more research and considered the possibility of the lens replacement surgery. I elected to proceed with trepidation.

The right eye was done first, 20/25 the next day. Local optometrist were surprised. But, I was expecting 20/20. Left eye two weeks later. That got to 20/20 pretty quickly. The right eye, however, lagged behind at 20/25 and didn’t seem to be improving. At his request, I had consult with Dr. Aronsky about the future of my right eye. At this point, I had heard from many people in the business that Aronsky is the best. Unsure what to expect, thinking they’ve already got my money, most people would be happy at 20/25, they won’t want to do anymore, I put the fate of it in Aronsky’s hands and asked him what he would do if he were me. He said, I would have the lens turned and try to correct the remaining astigmatism. I got a second opinion from an optometrist I had confidence in who said, “if he is offering to do it (surprised due to my pre-surgery level of astigmatism), do it.” With a little concern, I proceeded. I am happy to report that I am now 20/15 with both eyes. In fact, the right eye is now stronger than the left. It has been made clear to me that most surgeons would have just left it at 20/25. Dr. Aronsky is clearly one of the best and takes pride in what he does.

Matthew K.
Kremer Refractive Lens Exchange Alumni 2018
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A Few Video Testimonials

After getting LASIK with Dr. George Pronesti of Kremer Eye Center 6 months ago, Brian couldn’t be happier! He talks through his personal experience and how his vision is months after getting the procedure.


Kremer LASIK Alumni 2017

Sean talks about his 20/20 vision after getting LASIK surgery at Kremer Eye Center, 3 months prior. His favorite thing so far is waking up in the morning and being able to see!


Kremer LASIK Alumni 2017

Scott talks us through why he not only chose to get LASIK but why he chose to come to Kremer Eye Center. His situation may be familiar to a lot of ours! Glasses and contacts can be a hassle at any age.


Kremer LASIK Alumni 2017

Nicole was very happy at her 1-month post op after getting LASIK surgery with Dr. Michael Aronsky of Kremer Eye Center. She talks about some of her favorite things since going contacts and glasses free!

Kremer LASIK Alumni 2017

Shanna minutes before getting LASIK at Kremer Eye Center talks us through how she is feeling. Not being able to see her daughter right after she was born was the deciding factor for her to make this big decision.

Shanna C.
Kremer LASIK Alumni 2017

After months of considering, Michael finally decided to get LASIK after accidentally grabbing his razor by the blade in the shower! Life without glasses or contacts has been great for him. He loves his new vision from Kremer Eye Center.

Kremer LASIK Alumni 2017

It took Jeffrey a few months to get over the fear of getting LASIK. Now at his 1-month post op he is extremely happy with the results! He talks about how quick and painless his LASIK surgery was.

Kremer LASIK Alumni 2017

It has been six months since Adam got LASIK at Kremer Eye Center and he couldn’t be happier! The most exciting thing for Adam since getting surgery has been the ease of taking naps without the hassle of contacts or glasses.

Kremer LASIK Alumni 2017

It was great. Nothing what I expected it to. In and out. Had the best procedure, best staff, couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Tommy F.
Kremer LASIK Alumni 2016

Listen to Nick Murphy talk about his Visian ICL procedure on the Preston & Steve show.

Nick Murphy
from the Preston & Steve Show

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