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I came to Kremer for a consultation for LASIK vision correction. I knew I had a fairly large astigmatism and that it may not be an option for me. I soon found that to be true. I asked Dr. Aronsky if there were any other options. He showed me information on lens replacement. Initially, I was scared off by both the procedure and additional cost. More importantly, he patiently went through all of my questions and concerns – knowing that I would probably not return.

After I left, I was contacted by another eye center in Reading, PA and I advised them that I had been told I was not a candidate for LASIK. They asked who I had seen. I told them Dr. Aronsky. Their response was, “well, if Aronsky said you can’t get LASIK done, it is settled, he is the best.” In any case, I did some more research and considered the possibility of the lens replacement surgery. I elected to proceed with trepidation.

The right eye was done first, 20/25 the next day. Local optometrist were surprised. But, I was expecting 20/20. Left eye two weeks later. That got to 20/20 pretty quickly. The right eye, however, lagged behind at 20/25 and didn’t seem to be improving. At his request, I had consult with Dr. Aronsky about the future of my right eye. At this point, I had heard from many people in the business that Aronsky is the best. Unsure what to expect, thinking they’ve already got my money, most people would be happy at 20/25, they won’t want to do anymore, I put the fate of it in Aronsky’s hands and asked him what he would do if he were me. He said, I would have the lens turned and try to correct the remaining astigmatism. I got a second opinion from an optometrist I had confidence in who said, “if he is offering to do it (surprised due to my pre-surgery level of astigmatism), do it.” With a little concern, I proceeded. I am happy to report that I am now 20/15 with both eyes. In fact, the right eye is now stronger than the left. It has been made clear to me that most surgeons would have just left it at 20/25. Dr. Aronsky is clearly one of the best and takes pride in what he does.

Matthew K.
Kremer Refractive Lens Exchange Alumni 2018

This letter is sent to express my satisfaction with the entirety of my Kremer Eye Center experience.  From the initiation of my first contact with your organization, I found the entire process to be profoundly impressive.  Scheduling, initial candidacy examinations, discussions with the physicians and nursing staff, along with customer service personnel were superior to any protocol that I have encountered with medical practices in my lifetime.

As any individual contemplating a surgical procedure involving their eyesight, I was understandably anxious.  However, the care, consideration, and commitment in resolving patient concerns are worthy of note as a management business model.

I particularly wish to mention how impressed I was with some extraordinary individuals who treated me so well and represented your organization to the utmost.  Persons such as: Becky, Gail, Margaret, and Marianne were the epitome of the accolades mentioned above.  You are fortunate to have professionals of this caliber in your employ; all interactions went well, but these are very special folks.

In closing, I intend to be an advocate on your behalf for both the amazing technology which has so improved the quality of my eyesight, but also how these services were delivered.

Francis C.

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