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Testimonials Visian ICL

My life has gotten much easier since I underwent a Visian ICL procedure with Dr. Aronsky at Kremer Eye Center. As a lifelong high myope, the convenience of not having to reach for glasses or mess with contacts when I wake up, go skiing, hit the gym or do anything else is incredible. In fact, my only criticism is that Dr. Aronsky didn’t force me to do this years ago!

Although I previously was very comfortable sending patients to Kremer and interacting with Judi, I have now seen things from another perspective. My confidence has been re-upped. When I talk to patients in the exam room I go into more detail about the process. Patients can tell that I’m not just sending them to a place I know nothing about and that makes a positive difference. I truly enjoyed the experience. I am enjoying the results. And I enjoy the worry-free satisfaction I get co-managing with Kremer Eye Center.

Sukumar Pandit, O.D.
Kremer Visian ICL Alumni 2018

As an optometrist, I have seen many patients over the years who’ve undergone LASIK and PRK. I’ve seen their marvelous results and shared in their joy when they can see clearly for the first time without glasses or contacts. I’d listen graciously to my patients tell me about all the things they could do with greater ease… travel lighter, exercise, not live in fear of losing a contact lens or breaking their glasses, and I’ll admit I was a little jealous. Unfortunately, I was not a candidate for those procedures because my prescription was too high and my corneas too thin to get a full correction. Then, several years ago at a lecture, I heard Dr. Aronsky speak about VISIAN ICL. In my 15 years of co-managing patients with Kremer, I knew they were always on the forefront of new procedures, so it didn’t surprise me that they had begun offering VISIAN to patients who weren’t candidates for LASIK or PRK. Then…I waited. Over the years I had heard colleagues who had good results with their patients. I ran into people at parties and kids’ baseball games that had the procedure and loved it. Then, last fall, at yet another lecture, I spoke to Dr. Aronsky about having VISIAN done myself.

This past November, I decided to stop procrastinating. My dry eye was getting worse and my contact lenses were only comfortable for a few hours, although I suffered the discomfort to get through the day. I met with Dr. A at my initial consult and we discussed my options in detail and came up with a treatment plan. I had VISIAN done shortly thereafter and I could not be more pleased with the results. My post-operative prescription is right where we hoped it would be and my vision is great! I still wake up and reach for my glasses before I realize I no longer need them (old habits die hard I guess), but I love having one less thing to think about in my already busy life.

Shannon M. Burgess, O.D.

My vision post Visian ICL is much better than it ever was with contacts or glasses! I love being able to just wake up and go!

Ariann Berstein, O.D.

Listen to Nick Murphy talk about his Visian ICL procedure on the Preston & Steve show.

Nick Murphy
from the Preston & Steve Show

WOW!! I came to Kremer for a 2nd opinion, and from the 1st day of consultation to all the appointments leading up to my surgery ( FEB 13,2013, ) I was very pleased not only with the staff, but even the patients… I was very respected as a person, and not labeled as a number…I will recommend this facility of wonderful staff to others, and thanks again… I am so glad I came, and decided to go through with this life changing miracle of not wearing glasses.contacts anymore… thanks so much Kremer…

Jamie L.

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