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What’s the Best Age to Get LASIK

February 28, 2019

What's the Best Age to Get LASIK?

LASIK can give you the long-lasting, crystal-clear vision you need to improve your quality of life. Though, there are a few factors you need to consider to make sure you’re a good candidate for the procedure. One of the most important factors is age.

Learn more about the best age to get LASIK below.

When Can I Get LASIK?

The minimum age requirement for laser eye surgery is 18 years old, but the best age to get LASIK is sometime in your 20s. At 18, your vision should be stable enough for the procedure. However, it is common to still experience changes in your prescription a few years into adulthood. With that said, it’s often recommended for patients to wait until their 20s or until their eyesight is fully developed.

Waiting until your eyes are stable not only increases your chances of qualifying for LASIK, but it will also help keep your eyes healthy and clear for the future. The earlier you correct your vision with laser eye surgery, the more you’ll be able to experience life without the hassle of contact lenses and glasses.

Other Factors to Consider

Age isn’t the only thing patients need to consider when it comes to LASIK. To make sure you’re a good candidate for the surgery, it’s also important to think about your overall eye health.

Factors to Consider for LASIK SurgeryIf you have had eye injuries, corneal scratches, or issues like cataracts or glaucoma, it’s best to talk to your doctor to see if LASIK is the best option for you. Dry eyes and corneal thickness may also affect how your eyes respond to the procedure.

Vision is another essential factor that patients should consider. To qualify for LASIK, your eyesight and prescription must stay the same for at least two years so that you’re getting the treatment needed to ensure permanent vision correction.

Plus, if you wear contact lenses, you will need to avoid using them for two weeks prior to the surgery. When worn before LASIK, contacts can cause dry eyes and affect how your eyes respond and heal.

How LASIK Works

If you meet the age and eye health requirements, and your vision has been stable for at least two years, LASIK may be the best option for you.

LASIK surgery involves using advanced tools to ensure the best results for you. Cutting-edge scanning technologies allow surgeons to get a better understanding of your eyes’ imperfections, so that they can create a treatment plan customized to your specific needs and expectations.

During the surgery, they’ll use a bladeless laser to create a secure LASIK flap in the eye that is then lifted to expose the corneal tissue underneath. Using a cool-beam laser guided by the details collected from the scans, it applies the treatment and sculpts the cornea to the correct shape. Finally, the LASIK flap is placed down to signal the end of the surgery.

LASIK only takes about ten minutes for each eye. Many people see changes in eyesight as early as the following day, and it should take around six weeks for your eyes to stabilize completely. After that, you’ll have crystal-clear vision and all without any help from contact lenses or glasses.

Whether you qualify for LASIK will depend on your age, eye health, and overall vision. For more information about the best age for LASIK and when you should get laser eye surgery, schedule a consultation at Kremer Eye Center.